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London's low points of 2009. By Time Out editors. Posted: Mon Dec 21 2009
Dan Jones, Acting Shopping & Style editor
Mega-bookseller Borders closed its Oxford Street flagship this year with a feverish end-of-the-world-like clearance sale – and all its other shops are set for the same fate. Thankfully the company has pledged to help staff hit by the closures, but I doubt we’ll miss this old, laminate wood-floored dinosaur with its bland interior and bargain-bucket books.
Suzi Boyle, Shopping & Style assistant
Islington’s beautiful antique mall finally died when the rickety Grade II-listed building was converted by the UK’s own Abercrombie and Fitch-like brand Jack Wills (one of our top labels to watch in 2010). Dusty Chanel handbags and freaky
costume-jewellery sellers, you will be sorely missed!
7 December 2009 ....................................... .LAP SELL THE MALL!

LAP, the specialist retail investor and developer, today announces that it has completed the sale of the Mall, Upper Street, Islington in London for £6.62m to PRUPIM.
The sale price reflects a net initial yield of 5.25%.
The 7,588 sq. ft. retail investment is fully let to the fashion retailer Jack Wills on a 10 year lease at an annual rent of £367,500 from 29 September 2009. The rent is due to commence on 6th January 2010 following a rent free period.
Approximately £3.2m of the proceeds will be used to pay down a revolving credit facility with Royal Bank of Scotland.
The balance will be added to LAP's cash reserves.

LAP was advised in the sale by Lewis & Partners and purchaser was represented by Jones Lang La Salle.

PRUPIM is a top 20 global real estate investment manager with over £15 billion of assets under management in the UK, Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific regions. For further information visit
Islington Gazette article 02/07/09 :- A FAINT hope of saving the flagship building at the heart of Islington's famous Camden Passage antiques quarter has been lost.
Developer London and Associated Properties has won the last in a long series of battles to convert The Mall into a home for fashion chain Jack Wills. And on Tuesday night, L.A.P. won planning permission to do a host of work to the building, including knocking out the internal partitions that used to make up the Antiques Dealers' small shops.
An Islington Council planning committee, which had already been overruled by a Government inspector when it last year tried to refuse listed building consent for the works, decided that there were now no grounds to refuse planning permission.
Labour councillor Martin Klute, who campaigned on behalf of The Mall, stood down from the committee so he could beg his colleagues to refuse permission. He said, “I am outraged. There is no benefit to Islington in what L.A.P. is doing.
L.A.P., which has started the work, was unavailable for comment.
Sunday June 28th 2009. Previous news.
Application number P090646.
It seems that once again L.A.P. have ignored planning law and have gutted the interior of the Mall and have also erected scaffolding the week before the application, number P090646, comes to committee. L.A.P. still do not have Planning Permission they only have Listed Building Consent, they need both to proceed.
The Planning Committee Meeting is on this Tuesday evening 30th, 7.30 p.m. at Islington Town hall. Upper Street.
Monday March 16th 2009. Previous news.
Read the Evening Standard article. 16/03/09
Tuesday February 17th 2009. Previous news.
Thank you everyone for your support during this campaign.
Although this is not our wished for result we did give L.A.P. a good run for their money.
Below is taken from the planning inspectorate website. To read the full report click here:- .
Case summary for APP/V5570/E/08/2074315 and click Decision to download.

Listed building consent was given to LAP for the removal and replacement of the existing ground floor slab and the removal and replacement of the existing staircases at the northern and southern ends of the building, insertion of ambulant disabled toilets and removal of internal partitioning at 359 Upper Street, London N1 0PD in accordance with the terms of the application Ref P080135 dated 9 January 2008 and the plans submitted with it subject to the following conditions:-
1) The works hereby authorised shall begin not later than 3 years from the date of this consent.
2) All new works and works of making good to the retained fabric whether internal or external shall be finished to match the adjacent work with regard to the methods used and to material, colour, texture and profile unless otherwise agreed in writing by the local planning authority.
3) Detailed drawings and samples of materials in respect of the following shall be submitted to and approved in writing by the local planning authority before the relevant part of the work is begun: a) new floor slab, b) steel structure, c) staircase, d) internal shop-front, e) entrance steps, f) floor covering, g) toilets/partitions. Works shall proceed in accordance with such details and shall thereafter be retained.
4) No plumbing or pipe-work other than that which may be depicted on the approved plans shall be affixed to any elevation of the building unless otherwise agreed in writing by the local planning authority.
5) Structural Engineers’ drawings indicating the intended method of ensuring the stability of the fabric to be retained throughout the period of the removal of the floor slab and installation of the new slab, shall be submitted to and approved in writing by the local planning authority before the relevant part of the work is begun. Works shall proceed in accordance with such details.

LAP are reported to have signed an agreement to turn the Mall into a Jack Wills fashion store.
We sincerely wish everyone at Antiquarius and Friends of Brixton Market good luck with their campaigns.
Monday February 2nd 2009. Previous news.
London Associated Properties (L.A.P.), the owner of Brixton’s covered market, is presenting its plans to knock down Brixton Village (Granville Arcade) and rebuild it with fewer shops and a ten storey tower block on top. We understand it will be sending its application to Lambeth by the end of January 2009. Their proposal would be a disaster for the market and Brixton in general. See Friends of Brixton Market webpage
L.A.P. destroying another historic antique market, ANTIQUARIUS, KINGS ROAD.
It appears L.A.P. have agreed to lease the premises as a single unit to the U.S.A. clothing chain Anthropologie.
See Evening Standard 20/01/09 and the Antiques Trade Gazette Article 26/01/09
See also Evening Standard 18.02.09 Ex-tourist chief is head of firm closing historic antiques market.
The inquiry was completed on January 20th 2009. A final decision is not expected until March at the earliest .
Meanwhile the Mall building remains empty despite the firm personal assurance on the part of John Heller at a public meeting that he would not seek to evict existing tenants and mothball the Mall whilst the planning process was ongoing.
December 13th 2008. Previous news.
Once again a big thank you to all friends of Save the Mall Campaign, especially to all those who turned out on a cold December morning wishing to speak in support of saving the small shops. Unfortunately the cross examining took up such a long time on the first day that many were denied this opportunity. The inquiry is still not complete.
The appeal will resume at 10 am on Tues 20th January.,
It will be held in:- Room 2a, 2nd floor Municipal Offices, 222 Upper Street, Islington N1.
Click here to view newspaper reports:- Islington Tribune 12/12/08 Islington Gazette 10/12/08
Islington Gazette Mall future undecided until well into 2009 05/01/09
November 2008. Previous news.

London & Associated Properties PLC. has now submitted a planning application for an all-night club just two weeks before a public inquiry will decide the fate of the Islington building!!!!! See the Islington Tribune article.

Click here to view newspaper reports:- Islington Tribune 21/11/08 and 30/11/08
October 2008. Previous news.
London & Associated Properties PLC. has closed the Mall despite the firm personal assurance on the part of John Heller at a public meeting that he would not seek to evict existing tenants and mothball the Mall whilst the planning process was ongoing.

Islington Council had unanimously decided to refuse London & Associated Properties PLC's listed building application to remove the ground floor slab and shop partition walls of the Mall. The property developers,
London & Associated Properties PLC., decided to appeal against the decision and requested a public inquiry.

The public inquiry will be held on Tuesday 9th 7 Wednesday 10th December 2008
in The Crescent Suite Highbury, 70, Ronalds Road, London, N5 1XA, beginning at 10 a.m.
You are welcome to attend and to have your views heard by the Inspector. If you wish to speak on the 9th please give your name at the door on arrival before 10 a.m. A site visit to The Mall will probably take place on December 10th
To all friends of Save The Mall campaign, a heartfelt thank you for all your encouragement & support. However your continuing support is still vitally important. Anyone who opposes London & Associated Properties PLC's plans to turn the Mall into one large High Street store please come along to the inquiry. Numbers always matter.
Click here for latest status of the Listed Building Appeal Public Inquiry
or go to and enter reference number APP/V5570/E/08/2074315
Wednesday July 2nd 2008. Previous news.
The appeal will be dealt with by means of an Inquiry.
It is vital that as many people as possible object to this appeal in writing.
Three copies of your objections should be sent to the Planning Inspectorate by 02 July 2008.

Please send your letters (3 copies) of support for Islington Council for the preservation of the Mall as an Antiques and Specialist Shopping Arcade to:-


The Planning Inspectorate
Room: 3/14 Eagle
Temple Quay House
2 The Square
Temple Quay

It is important that you quote reference: APP/V5570/E/08/2074315/NWF
The closing date for comments is 02 July 2008 otherwise your comments will not be considered.

Possible objections to the proposals to knock down the interior structures of this imposing, Victorian, grade 2 listed building and convert it into a single retail unit include:-

Loss of the character of the area, which is designated as a specialist antique and curio shopping area under local planning policies.
Loss of the small retail units which make up The Mall, and which are vital to the survival of the antiques trade.
Loss of the economic activity associated with the antiques trade, which is a part of the character of the area.
Loss of the public realm through the building, which is a part of the historical character of the building, as converted to a shopping mall.

Please include these in your comments.

Or print 3 copies of the following letter adding your address and date in the top corner and sign at the bottom. Send all 3 copies to the Planning Inspectorate. ( Click here for letter.)

This is our last chance to save The Mall. Please send in your objections.

The Planning Inspectorate have introduced an online appeals service which you can use to comment on this appeal.
You can find the service through the Appeals area of the Planning Portal
In your comments include your name, address, email address or phone number.

The Planning Inspectorate will not acknowledge your letter unless you specifically ask them to do so. They will, however, ensure that your letter is passed on to the Inspector dealing with the appeal. If you wish to receive a copy of the appeal decision you need to include this request in your comments.

Write to The Mayor of London Boris Johnson
reminding him of his comments, on television during his election campaign, for his support of small shops.
Also, as a resident of Islington, Boris Johnson said it (Camden Passage and the Mall) was one of his favourite local spots.
He added: “There are lots of places that are sites for what I call special sentimental interest. They have always been under threat from people who want to make a quick buck.”

Boris Johnson Mayor of London
Greater London Authority
City Hall, The Queen's Walk
More London
London SE1 2AA

Monday 28th May 2008. Previous news. The campaign so far:-
Supporters of the campaign to Save The Mall” packed The Council chamber and gallery for the planning sub-committee on Monday evening, 28th April 2008.
A HUGE thank you all for your support by letter, e-mail, petition, or by attending the meeting.
Without your support this would not have been possible.

Islington Council refused to grant London and Associated Properties PLC. listed building consent for the following reasons:-

The features introduced into the Mall in the late 1970s, (including the sub-division of the ground floor and basement into small unit shops and the creation of linear public thoroughfares or malls between shops linking the entrances to north and south), are important elements in the history of its conversion from a closed industrial building to a shopping arcade with small unit shops open to the public and a shopping thoroughfare forming part of the public realm during shopping hours. They are also important integral elements in the character of the building as a Grade II listed shopping arcade. The proposed alterations would involve the loss of these features and with them the established character of the building as a shopping arcade and would thereby seriously detract from the historical and special interest of the building as converted to that use.

( It is expected that the landlords will appeal. )
Please help Save The Mall and Camden Passage unique antiques venue.
The collection of small antiques and specialist shops, centres and open air stalls, which make up the area known as
Camden Passage, has over the years brought thousands of visitors to this historic, picturesque, area of Islington, to enjoy the charm and shopping opportunities of an internationally famous antiques venue.
The influx benefits the whole community. Visitors wine and dine in the numerous local pubs, bars and restaurants
and purchase provisions and gifts from the High Street shops.
However, the area has lost, over the last few years, two major antiques centres and the largest area of outside stalls.
Now the one remaining antiques arcade, The Mall, is threatened with closure.

London & Associated Properties PLC, (LAP), the new owners of The Mall, have decided to knock down the
interior structures of this imposing, Victorian, grade 2 listed building and convert it into a single retail unit.
With the loss of the large number of antiques shops from this flagship venue at the heart of the Camden Passage
antiques quarter the charming and slightly eccentric feel of the area will radically change.
Visitors will disappear as the remaining antique shops will be unable to offer the variety and choice that has been
mainstay of the market up till now.

You don’t know what you’ve got till its gone”.
As the 60's song by Joni Mitchell goes! Has much changed?
Well today it seems Councillors are waking up to the problems of chain stores taking over high streets, creating a
bland unishop look to each city centre. They have determined a more enlightened attitude to planning in areas of
special interest such as Camden Passage.
There is a document, which is now part of the Environmental policy which contains the following :-“ At the heart of
a sustainable development is the simple idea of ensuring a better quality of life for everyone.”
11 April 2008. Published:- Islington Tribune - by Peter Gruner.

Mayoral candidates pledge to save The Mall.

The Mall, Camden Passage’s “jewel”, became a London mayoral election issue this week with the three major candidates
all pledging to save it.
Mayor Ken Livingstone offered his support to The Mall’s beleaguered antique traders during a walkabout last weekend.
Up to 40 traders have been given eviction notices and the owners of the Grade II-listed former tram shed are threatening to sell to a large retail outlet.
Mr Livingstone promised to do everything within his power to “scrutinise the application”.
He added: “Unique places like The Mall are part of what makes London so special. It would be a blow if The Mall were to be lost.”
Conservative candidate and Islington resident Boris Johnson said it was one of his favourite local spots.
He added: “There are lots of places that are sites for what I call special sentimental interest. They have always been under threat from people who want to make a quick buck.”
Liberal Democrat candidate Brian Paddick said it was essential planners take into account local people’s feelings.

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